A Message from our Client Development Manager – Maximizing Your CIS Membership

Now that we are in the dog days of summer, the weather outside is warm and things just keep heating up here at ChemicalInfo! We are happy to welcome all of our new members to the CIS family and we are very excited that so many of our clients are now working with more of our databases and products than ever. Our Client Development team is working diligently to maximize our members’ experiences with CIS and we are excited to provide multiple ways to maximize your membership. For our new members, we want to work with you immediately to help you eliminate search engine sourcing and enhance your experience as you navigate our database. After joining the CIS family, you will have the opportunity to immediately begin working with our Client Development team and tailor your CIS experience to your needs. Do you want to increase revenue and efficiency in the first 90 days of your membership? Do you want to save time? Do you want access to proven peer-advice and examples? Our Client Development team is ready to help! For our current members, we are building new platforms to maximize your membership and we are expanding and strengthening our renewal program. Have you heard of our CIS Champions group? This test group provides a way for our members to experience upgraded features and design before they are fully released, along with a platform to provide real-time feedback and suggestions to improve the CIS experience. Our members are our most valued resource and we want to hear from you. Interested in becoming a CIS Champion? Contact our Client Development team today! If you are a current member of the CIS family, I am sure you have recently heard from our Client Development team about the many ways to renew your membership. We are working to begin providing renewal information to our members in the quarter preceding their membership renewal date to provide our members with as much time as possible to plan and budget for the continuation of their CIS membership. We are also working to streamline this process by pivoting toward digital invoicing and increased one-on-one contact with each client prior to renewal dates. We want to hear from our members at all stages of your subscription, and we always value your feedback and suggestions. If you are new to the CIS family, working with a new CIS product or simply want to further maximize your CIS experience, contact us today to schedule a ChemicalInfo Community Consultation! These consultations are one-on-one conversations with our Client Development team and are designed to help you navigate and utilize all CIS resources. During these consultations, our Client Development team will provide an overview of CIS products and searchability features, help to tailor goals and objectives specific to your company and provide personalized feedback, best practices and time-saving tips. As always, our Client Development team and I are here to ensure that our members are able to maximize their CIS experience. If we can ever be of any assistance to you, please contact us at any time!