A Note From Our President

Hello CIS family, As we approach the conclusion of the first half of 2013, it is helpful to reflect on the past and plan for the future. We have made a tremendous amount of progress in a number of key areas, but we are particularly proud of the progress we have made in customer service, though what you have seen is just the beginning. We are collecting more feedback from customers than ever before and are developing plans to address that feedback in a timely manner. Currently, we are working on major enhancements to the database products that will impact the look, feel and usability of the information provided, but more importantly, will enhance the data itself. We will accomplish this in three distinct ways: build a complementary arm to our in-house research team, partner with other information providers and crowd-source information relevant to you, our clients. CIS has established a Product Development team responsible for reaching out to our database listees in order to collect information above and beyond what we have today. This includes items such as proof of certifications and proper insurance, as well as grade and capacity of chemical production. If your company is listed in any of CIS’ database products, you can expect to hear from Kelli Caperton or Michael Iyescas very soon. As our subscribers continue to expand their view of the chemical manufacturing universe, it is highly beneficial for database listees to provide as much accurate data as possible. CIS is exploring partnerships with various companies in order to provide additional information relevant to the procurement decision making process. Corporate financial information, import/export data, industry news, market research reports and enhanced contact details will soon be available. Our goal is to consolidate the sources necessary for you to make a purchasing decision, thereby improving your efficiency on a daily basis. The final, and most valuable, source of information is you. Our customers contain a wealth of information that needs to be aggregated in order to unlock its true value. That is why we are going to include user discussion forums, inmail capabilities and company ratings with reviews. For decades, CIS has enabled its customers to find new sources of chemical production. The next step is to help customers evaluate those new sources without leaving the website. CIS needs your feedback. We will reach out to a number of customers in the coming weeks to provide a sneak-peek of the new database, but if you wish to be an early adopter and play an active role in developing our next generation sourcing tools let us know by becoming a CIS Champion online! As we enter this new chapter at CIS, we are very aware that we could not move forward without you. Thank you for being a part of the CIS family. Sincerely, David Novak President, Chemical Information Services