A Note from Our Product Development Team

Contributors: Michael Iyescas In 2013, ChemicalInfo took great strides to listen and respond to customer feedback.  In order to strengthen relationships with manufacturers and subscribers we dedicated more resources toward Quality Control and Assurance (QC/QA) and introduced a Product Development team completely committed to this process. Our focus in the 2014 is to continue this effort and improve the information found in the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP). When you google a celebrity, do you believe everything found in your search results? If you answered yes, then perhaps you should reconsider. These results are full of inaccurate and useless information and the same can be said about chemical information. QC/QA leads to leads to more accurate, useful data, and that is what we provide to our subscribers. CIS has an in-house Research and Product Development team that works closely with manufacturers to ensure that we have a fully updated listing, including proof of manufacturing and product data sheets. This filters the useless information you receive in free search resources. Furthermore, the DWCP has direct contact information for you to reach out to manufacturers personally. It would take you a very long time compile this data from search engine sourcing. At CIS, we understand that it is very important for our subscribers to access the most up-to-date information and we are working hard to meet the needs of our subscribers. We added thousands of new contacts in 2013. We want our subscribers to think of CIS as a one-stop-shop for producer selection; providing as much proactive information as possible. Do you have questions on a specific producer or chemical? That’s a request to send to our onsite Research team!  We take care of our members by providing them with results. We have put an internal tracking process in place for all requests received from new and existing customers, so our researchers are guaranteed to fulfill them at a quick turnaround time.  Our Business Development Officers work to ensure that our members are fully aware of how to navigate and search our databases, so please contact us with any questions. The DWCP is an important chemical resource to CIS and our members. We work daily to make sure we meet our member’s needs. Stay tuned for more updates from ChemicalInfo.