ChemicalInfo connects buyers and sellers of chemical and pharmaceuticals.

ChemicalInfo, now an IQVIA company, has collected, verified and distributed vital information for 45 years, including our producer and bulk pharmaceutical data to global buyers and sellers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Our products include the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP), FinishedForms, PathFinder and ContractManufacturing. Each offering helps streamline sourcing, sales and marketing processes to find accurate producer information. We continually update our databases with the help of our in-house Research Department in addition to our direct contact with companies, relationships with trade associations and our network of global affiliates. Our goal is to save our members time and add value by ensuring they have easy access to the most accurate information, when and where it’s needed.

Don’t just listen to us, hear from current members.

  • “Thank you to the ChemicalInfo Research Team — your support and the DWCP are helpful for our daily work!” Klaus Fink, Purchasing Manager, Haenseler AG
  • “I like that ChemicalInfo vets its suppliers. Most other sources are packed with distributors and brokers pretending to be manufacturers.” Chris Hodge, Head of Global Sourcing, Suterra LLC
  • “The Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) consistently meets our business needs when searching for new supply sources of chemical raw materials.” Solvochem FZCO

Let us connect you with the right buyers and sellers for your business.

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Nationwide Launch

ChemicalInfo was launched as CIS Data Services and began publishing chemical supplier data on an as-needed basis nationwide.


DWCP Hardback

The first edition of the DWCP Hardback was sold and distributed by Chemical Information Services and began the phenomenon that continues today.



The first CD-ROM version of the DWCP was distributed outside the US.



The need for a directory with the same level of information as the DWCP surfaced for those on the sales and marketing side of the business. Thus the WBDU was born and offered worldwide in CD format.


DWCP Online

Following the internet boom, CIS quickly followed suit introducing the DWCP online. Shortly after all available databases migrated to the internet versions sold today.


Online Advertising

Distributors demanded a way to be incorporated into the DWCP, opening the door for the first online advertising program at CIS.


Chemical Informer

The Chemical Informer newsletter hit 10K inboxes across the country. Today the Informer spans the globe reaching over 60K industry professionals per month.


WCMD Online

Contract manufacturers were looking for a place to display their available equipment, reaction and capabilities, giving birth to the online version of WCMD.


Advertising Achievemnt Award

Chemical Information Services wins the prestigious Advertising Achievement Award given by ReadexResearch.



ChemicalInfo was completely rebranded including the logo, website and exhibition presence allowing users to take a more interactive role.



The DWCP, CIS’ flagship product, begins its transformation project. The next generation of DWCP to be released soon.