CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 2

Get the latest on our Product Enhancements at ChemicalInfo. If you haven’t heard, the next generation of CIS products and services is coming this summer! We’re dedicated to improving our current product while we transition toward the next gen, and we’ve already made some significant changes to our portal.  Before you log in to your current database, check out our Trending Products and Producers and expand your current supplier network.  We’ve also made our onsite Research team more accessible through the Research Service & Support button that can be found on the search page and within producer listings.  If you can’t find something or wish to access our Research team, just use that button and we will get back to you asap. This week we’ve fine-tuned the design behind the new user interface of our products.  It’s sleek and modern with an user-friendly platform.  We’ve added producer ratings and reviews as well.  So in the coming days you’ll receive some information on how to rate any producers you’ve done business with in the last 24 months.  So stay tuned and let us hear from you! Tune in next week as we hear from our development team about more features you can look forward to the summer.

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