Attention All Chemical Producers!

Contributors: Kelli Caperton Why should my company be listed in The Directory of World Chemical Producers?  It’s a fair question that may come across the minds of chemical manufacturers which certainly deserves an explanation. Well, as the Product Consultants here at Chemical Information Services we feel it’s necessary to formally break it down in a piece we originally wanted to title, “Transparency: Get It or Quit It.” As Jessica mentioned in her previous blog, the DWCP is a valuable platform for chemical buyers to subscribe, source, sell, and save on products so that they may leverage every opportunity when it comes to purchasing behavior.  When dealing with chemical procurement, three important factors play a role in the purchasing decision: location of the supplier, cleanliness of the product, and price.  Did you notice price isn’t at the top of the list? We’ve taken note of that here at CIS.  Trusting the source by knowing where the chemicals come from is the name of the game, and if purchasers are feeling a little “left in the dark” then don’t expect your sales force to receive an increasing amount of calls. The DWCP serves the needs of manufacturers in a powerful way by placing you in front of a very valuable audience. “But we already have a set customer base that we’re happy with,” you might say.  We understand that chemical producers aren’t all professional marketers, and CIS is here to help you see the big picture.  Think of it as an outlet to gain exposure to consumers who are ready to purchase your product(s). When those consumers are directed to your profile and notice that your company’s proof of manufacturing and regulatory certifications have been reviewed and verified by our team of research professionals, a level of trust is developed through transparency. These prospective customers are now ready to make informed purchasing decisions. Chemical transparency is the wave of the future.  Those who embrace it first will reap the most financial benefits. With that said, there are many companies that have already incorporated this ideal. They have nothing to hide because they take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously.  They also have a great deal to gain, as transparency builds trust among consumers. Even as certain parts of the global chemical management “system” require updating, a robust system of laws, government programs, and industry initiatives exist to oversee the use of chemicals, enhance scientific understanding, and make chemical safety information available to the public.  Consumers and lawmakers should have confidence there is a strong safety net in place.  The Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 was enacted by the United States Congress to regulate the introduction of new or already existing chemicals.  Essentially, TSCA was designed to ensure that products are safe for intended use.   Over time, this law would create a robust system of regulations that enforce the procurement of chemicals worldwide. At CIS, we work to ensure that the DWCP lists qualified, genuine producers of commodities that are ready to be sourced.  We are heading in a direction that will provide even more helpful information by incorporating user recommendations and reviews, just to name one new feature for now – we can’t give it all away.  So now is the critical time to list and get acquainted with us.  We don’t bite! Not a licensed producer? We also don’t discriminate…advertise with us!