Bogus Drugs – The Need For a Mandatory Tracking System

As a man, my shopping style is rather predictable. If I were asked to describe my purchasing habits, I would have to say I’m  a bargain hunter. I rarely pay full price for anything without looking for the best deal out there, and when I am traveling my favorite word is “cheap.” The fastest way to sell me on something- low price and reliable quality. In recent years, fluctuating economic conditions have extended that same bargain-hunting mentality that many of us employ when purchasing clothing, electronics and when researching our healthcare choices. Rather than simply accept what they buy over the counter, many individuals have begun to question the origin, authenticity and necessity of their prescriptions; in many cases, the answers to those questions are disconcerting at best. Consumers have begun to notice and document increasing numbers of troubling situations, from extra weeks of placebo pills in birth control packets to counterfeit cancer drugs that end lives rather than save them. Needless to say, substandard drugs are not simply a bad deal – they have real, lasting and potentially deadly consequences. In many cases, more efficient regulation and oversight can not only prevent tragedies and customer confusion but also create a stronger, more reliable market for prescription drugs. Prescription drug sales have risen by 48% in the last 12 years, and the market for bogus drugs is currently a billion dollar industry – this market is only getting larger, and there is a growing sense of urgency on behalf of consumers for the World Health Organization to implement a mandatory drug tracking system that would enable verification of ingredients and medications at every step of the manufacturing process. In our increasingly connected and data-driven world, we now have the technology and ability to ensure that prescription drugs and medications are accurately created, packaged and sold. The health and safety of our families is too important not to do so. As our valued clients have come to rely on us for accurate information on manufacturers that they can trust, we’ve come to rely on them to keep us updated.  If you’re currently listed in the DWCP and have changes to your information, that’s important to us! If you’re currently manufacturing something new, we want to know that as well.  Contact me at to update your information today.  This info is timely and paramount not only to our neighbors here at ChemicalInfo but worldwide.