Data on Data on Data

At ChemicalInfo we know data. In fact our Data & Research team has made more than 40,000 updates this year alone to the DWCP! Check out the other updates and additions we have made to each of our products in the first half of the year.

All Product Updates - July 2017

Remember, if you have a question concerning the data that ChemicalInfo can offer, please fill out a Pre-Sale Research Request form so that our in-house Research team can ensure we have the chemicals and company information you need to improve sourcing, sales and marketing efforts.


Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Company Profile

The question our team receives the most often is, “How does your company ensure that your data is always accurate?”. The simple answer is that we have an incredible in-house research department that checks for data accuracy within listed company profiles and products every day. But what about the specifics? Let’s breakdown the Anatomy of a Company Profile.

Anatomy of a Company Profile

Company profiles include information like company name, phone, fax, email, company type (manufacturer, distributor, etc.) and the company description. This information is the first step in verifying listing accuracy and the ChemicalInfo Research Department uses the information to properly identify companies that can be listed in the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP).

As a company that has been around for 45 years we also have a vast network of global sales agents that are experts in their own countries that provide additional details and help bridge the gap when communicating to listed companies and contacts. We also use partnerships with trade shows as a source for meeting new companies and contacts as well as taking the time to meet existing contacts listed in the DWCP and receive feedback directly from those sources to make updates.  Using a variety tools such as proprietary web crawlers, email testing with 3rd party tools and online sources the Research Department is able to continually monitor listed contact information.

Company Locations are carefully vetted in order to ensure that company locations that are truly manufacturing products are listed and differentiated between other locations that may only be used for R&D, Sales and main headquarters.

Profile certifications are an integral source of maintaining listing accuracy especially for manufacturers that hold government and regulatory approval certifications from entities such as the US FDA or EDQM. Third-party audit information provided by our partnership with Rx360 is also used as a determining factor to identify legitimate producers.

Finally, ChemicalInfo’s partnership with Datamyne, a Descartes company provides subscribers with thousands of import/export records that help provide a complete picture of what commodities are produced, used and sold across the globe. Trade Data also provides key information that the Research Department uses to determine producer status by looking at export information.

As a data company we take every possible measure to ensure all information offered in each of our products is accurate but the truth is no company can put a 100% accuracy guarantee on data. Every day mergers and acquisitions take place, new product lines are introduced, old products are discontinued, new finish form products receive government approvals, chemical professionals leave their company and begin new careers but at ChemicalInfo we have a fine-tuned process that provides subscribers data that can be relied on year after year.