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New Pill Approved By The FDA Alerts When A Dose Is Missed

Today the FDA announced a new drug approval for Abilify MyCite, complete with a sensor that can digitally track whether or not a patient has taken their medication. The pill includes a sensor that can be ingested and can alert doctors if a patient taken or missed their dose. Abilify is most commonly taken for… Read More

ChemicalInfo Wins DFW Torch Award

ChemicalInfo was the proud award recipient of the 2017 DFW Award for Ethics. The Torch Awards sponsored by the Better Business Bureau Serving North Central Texas and Dallas Business Journal evaluated organizations based on integrity and ethics in business dealings, education, business-to-business recommendations, customer service and other criteria. As the winner in the small category,… Read More

Chemicals America 2017 Show Wrap-up

The 2017 Specialty Chemical and Agro Chemicals America show was a great success! Once again our company provided exhibitors and attendees with free access to SourceFinder to provide visitors with an efficient way to research and plan their trip. Registrants can search by product, CAS #, or company name and view company information including full… Read More

Data on Data on Data

At ChemicalInfo we know data. In fact our Data & Research team has made more than 40,000 updates this year alone to the DWCP! Check out the other updates and additions we have made to each of our products in the first half of the year. Remember, if you have a question concerning the data… Read More

New 2016 U.S. Port Report Available Now from Descartes’ Datamyne

At ChemicalInfo it is our mission to connect buyers and sellers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals with the most accurate sourcing and procurement data available. Earlier this year, we announced the integration of U.S. waterborne import-export information based on ship manifests and bills of lading from our partner, Descartes’ Datamyne.   A leading provider of global market… Read More

Release Notes: 2017-04-06

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on April 6th, 2017:   Email Verification Process Updates We just updated our process for validating contact emails associated to companies in the system so that we can validate large numbers of emails with more frequency. This will help save our research team some time… Read More

Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Company Profile

The question our team receives the most often is, “How does your company ensure that your data is always accurate?”. The simple answer is that we have an incredible in-house research department that checks for data accuracy within listed company profiles and products every day. But what about the specifics? Let’s breakdown the Anatomy of… Read More

Would you give up yoga pants to save the sea?

In a recent article published by Chem.Info it shared that a recent study conducted by a team from the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium has seen that tiny microfibers have been flowing down bathroom sinks and shower drains and into our oceans. Comfy articles of clothing made from fleece, nylon and polyester contain these tiny microfibers and… Read More

Release Notes: 2017-03-16

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on March 16th, 2017. We found that some users didn’t know that the system still had the function to create emails to all companies listed on the page. Some users also didn’t know that the print and download buttons gave them not just the company… Read More
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