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Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Company Profile

The question our team receives the most often is, “How does your company ensure that your data is always accurate?”. The simple answer is that we have an incredible in-house research department that checks for data accuracy within listed company profiles and products every day. But what about the specifics? Let’s breakdown the Anatomy of… Read More

Would you give up yoga pants to save the sea?

In a recent article published by Chem.Info it shared that a recent study conducted by a team from the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium has seen that tiny microfibers have been flowing down bathroom sinks and shower drains and into our oceans. Comfy articles of clothing made from fleece, nylon and polyester contain these tiny microfibers and… Read More

Food for Thought: The Chemistry of Sugar

Today I purchased multiple bags of candy to pass out in a few days to eager trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. Staring at the bags of candy on my counter I decided to open one piece and cure my craving. Bad idea. Three pieces later I am officially done and know that I have ruined my… Read More

What does the DWCP have to do with The Brady Bunch?

Sometimes I feel like Jan Brady, but instead of hearing about ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’, I hear about ‘Email, Email, Email’ (to those unfamiliar with the early 70s show The Brady Bunch, just ignore the reference, you haven’t missed much, I promise). Here’s the point: Our Subscribers enjoy information that is difficult to find all in… Read More

ChemicalInfo Travels Chemspec Europe 2015

ChemicalInfo Travels Chemspec Europe 2015 ChemicalInfo will again provide its SourceFinder tool to Exhibitors and Attendees making show event planning efficient The ChemicalInfo (CIS) team is scheduled to attend Chemspec Europe, the fine and specialty chemicals connection, June 24 – 25. The Chemical Info team will showcase The Directory of World Producers (DWCP) and PathFinder,… Read More

Announcement of 2014 Q4 PIERS Data in NextGen

It’s that time again! Another round of PIERS trade data is available on even more company and product profiles in NextGen. As of today, hundreds of thousands more trade records are available to view (and download!) that include company and product specific details on import and export shipments, including weight and estimated value, equipping you… Read More

Sulfuric Acid: A Short Story

The rain drops fall like fire, licking the outside of the floating bio dome, our tiny island of refuge in hell.  It couldn’t be done they said.  The valuable tool that humans have used since the dawn of time was now a challenge to sustaining the colony on this hellish planet.  The ancient Sumerians were… Read More

Unusual New Mexico Dulce Underground Bottom

Androgel is just a hydroalcoholic solution which contains testosterone. It’s generally prescribed to adult men who do not create enough testosterone naturally. Androgel is applied topically towards the upper shoulders and consumed in to the skin over a 24hour period. Unwanted effects include skin, anxiety, vertigo, hostility, problem urinating, pain within sweating the genitals and… Read More
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