CIS Kicks Off 2014

We at CIS are thrilled to kick-off 2014 with the announcement of major enhancements to our products and services.  After many months of collecting extremely valuable feedback from our subscribers, we’ve secured a partnership with an outstanding local integration and development firm, putting us in prime position to catapult the DWCP to the next level.  Subscribers can expect many new features like MSDS documentation, more intuitive, advanced search capabilities, certifications and mail features – but most importantly improved accuracy and increased quantity of our current producer information.  New subscribers can expect a modern look and feel to the database and up-to-date industry standards like user ratings, recommendations and market insights. Subscribers to multiple databases will also see a change in the way our systems work together. Current subscribers will see updates to our data and new features incorporated in the DWCP in the weeks ahead.  Now is the time for new subscribers to take advantage of these updates and lock in your pricing for 2014 with a 12-month subscription.  Check out the portal’s landing page to get the products and producers/distributors trending now, tune into our YouTube channel for the latest concerning the updates or visit our homepage for current research stats.  CIS is dedicated to bring you the most accurate information about chemicals and pharmaceuticals when and where you need it. Stay tuned to our blog and for phases of our new product to roll out monthly.  We’re still in the business of keeping you up-to-date on all things chemical and your feedback is very important to us.  If you haven’t participated in our most recent product development survey or would like to view the results, make some time to do that today. Ernie Cote, our CEO, is dedicated to compiling information and feedback from our subscribers and using that insight in the building of the next generation of the DWCP.  Please contact him at or by phone at +1(214) 432-2157 anytime with questions or concerns.  We look forward to bringing you a new and improved product this year.  As always we thank you for being part of the CIS family. Sincerely, Jessica McDonald Marketing & Business Development Director, Chemical Information Services