CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 3

As a CIS member, we are entirely dedicated to making our products incredibly valuable and easy to use. As part of our upcoming enhancements, we will be bulking up the information but simplifying the name of two popular databases – WCMD and WBDU. The next generation of CIS products will house four user-friendly databases or modules.  DWCP and PathFinder will remain constant and house improved information, however WCMD and WBDU will now be referred to as Contract Manufacturers and Finished Forms. In prior week’s we’ve discussed some of the new features and functions you can expect in DWCP and PathFinder.  Contract Manufacturers and Finished Forms will display that same increased information and functionality as well. This is a super exciting time here at ChemicalInfo. We are highly enthused about streamlining our information and offering you a comprehensive product to answer your growing needs.  Whether your company is looking to save money, become more efficient, expand your customer base or outsource processes – our product enhancements will cover your every need. Tune in next week as we discuss more developments on our Product Enhancements.