CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 7

Kelli Caperton here with an update on the CIS Product Enhancements and another exciting announcement to make. ChemicalInfo has signed an agreement with Piers that will provide our subscribers with insight to global import and export information. Our subscribers ask and they shall receive!  This data will be displayed on company and product profiles within all modules that we will offer, and will be available to any and all subscribers. We are very excited to work with Piers and know that the information will help our subscribers continue to make informed sourcing decisions. The import and export data will be available in the coming months, so please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime. We are now just one product enhancement update away from announcing the official release date!  Hold tight and tune in next time to know exactly when you will have access to ChemicalInfo’s new and improved products.  If you have plans to attend ChemSpec Europe in Budapest this month and are interested in seeing the next generation of CIS products and services, stop by our booth or visit us at a SourceFinder kiosk onsite.  You can also email us to schedule a one on one training session with me at the show. Again, I’m Kelli Caperton and will see you soon.