CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 8

Hi, I’m Kelli Caperton bringing you one final product enhancement update before the next generation of CIS products and services are available to all subscribers. The rollout date is getting closer and our team is working hard to ensure that our new modules are buttoned-up, groomed, and ready to be available to you in tip-top shape. ChemicalInfo has put the product enhancements to test by executing user demonstrations, and our development team has weaved in all of the praise and feedback that was received. The internal and user testing has confirmed that our product enhancements are headed in the right direction – the next generation of your chemical sourcing and selling tool is right around the corner! So have we made you wait long enough?! I think you’re ready. The launch date for phase I of our product enhancements is July 25th, 2014. It’s almost here and our team is very excited to share this work with our subscribers. On July 25th, our users will have the option to log into the new enhancements with updated information or continue to use the current system for a period of time. If you’re hesitant about the change, we will be here with video tutorials and documentation provided to help you navigate. Our Client Development team will also provide courtesy calls to all users in order to ensure a positive interaction with the new system. I’m Kelli Caperton signing off one last time before the launch date of our product enhancements. Stay tuned for video demonstrations of the next generation of CIS products and services prior to the rollout on July 25th.