CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 4

Kelli Caperton here with this week’s product enhancement update.  Last week we discussed the renaming of modules, and our members want to know what’s happening to FDA Base.  We appreciate your feedback, and we have an answer for you! The highly valuable FDA & EDQM information found in FDA Base today will still be available in the product enhancement, however it will be available in conjunction with DWCP and Finished Forms through their Plus editions.  Members will be able to access this critical certification information by adding our Government & Regulatory Approvals to their DWCP and Finished Forms subscriptions.  This is another way we’ve streamlined processes for you in efforts to make your job more efficient and effective. PathFinder and PathNavigator will also be consolidated into PathFinder and PathFinder+.  PathFinder will feature more detailed company profiles, added paths, more end products and potential end users.  Through PathFinder+ you can unlock useful patent and journal information on select synthesis paths. We are dedicated to making our products easier for you to use through a more integrated approach.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we continue to release major developments and pieces of new functionality.  We want to hear from you throughout this process, so feel free to contact me personally at Stay tuned for more Product Enhancement updates.