CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 5

Hi, I’m Kelli Caperton, CIS Product Analyst bringing you this week’s product enhancement update. Over the last several weeks we’ve been bringing you the latest on our next generation of modules, and today I’m excited to release some of the integration capabilities across them. Subscribers will see certain design elements and functions across DWCP, PathFinder, Finished Forms and Contract Manufacturers.  Currently, the most detailed producer information is found in the DWCP and carries over into certain products through the Product Info Tab.  We’ve taken that function one step further and have introduced the concept of Company Profiles.  These Company Profiles will now be visible across all four modules, and will include visible representation of how each listing is tied to each module.  The initial search functions have also been simplified in order to provide you with a higher level of detail on the information provided.  The new filtering system including more robust filters such as certifications, company categorization, country and region has been designed to take you from that broad grouping of information down to a more succinct, custom listing based on your specific needs.  These search and filtering options will also be stored within your account settings to make every trip inside our database more efficient, making you more effective. Your continued success is a critical part of these enhancements.  Please contact us anytime with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you.  I’m Kelli, and I’ll be back next week to bring you the latest on our product enhancements.