CIS will be at Informex 2014 this week

“Hi this is Tiffany from Chemical Info, can I speak with…” These have been the words coming from my mouth the last two weeks. It’s show-time, and I will stop at nothing to schedule as many meetings with potential customers as possible. Nineteen! Yup, that is the number of meetings Tim, my sidekick, and I were able to set for the InformEx 2014 Show. With nineteen meetings planned and tons of current customers to see, I’ll be sure to leave my heels at home. My partner in crime, Elise, and I will be traveling to Miami Beach, Florida for Informex 2014 this week. This is what I call a “work vacation.” You know, where you get to go somewhere nice like South Beach, but you rarely see the light of day because you’re working! There’s always a benefit to exhibiting at a large show.  You meet great prospects, learn about other companies and have three days with a captive audience; but there is certainly an upside to attending shows without the exhibit as well.  You can pre-set meetings and circulate the exhibition area quickly and efficiently.  You have to be organized well in advance, but you can pack a punch in just a couple of days when you’re not tied to a booth! I am essentially the ultimate procrastinator, but I always make sure I am prepared for a show. I arrived at the office at 7am today just to get started on my show prep. This shocked many of my co-workers since I normally do not make it to the office until 9am. With my headset on, making last minute calls, I start to prepare folders for each customer with the essentials and review the schedule with my travel partner. Of course I can’t forget the super-fun goodies that we have to distribute to the masses. It’s all par for the course with a great show lined up.  We’re headed to Informex 2014 tomorrow.  There, we will be live tweeting, posting to Facebook and blogging about the who, what, where, when.  Don’t miss a beat!  Stay with us at @ChemInfoService and