Common Misconceptions

Have you ever wondered why people in the Middle Ages rarely saw the age of 50?  Or told someone that before the voyages of Christopher Columbus people thought the world was flat?  Perhaps you knew for a fact that Albert Einstein failed math in grade school or that Napoleon was short.  If so, you were one hundred percent wrong.  It turns out that some of the knowledge we take for granted as true, may not be. As someone alive in the Middle Ages, should you survive to adulthood your average life expectancy was actually 61.  Additionally, it turns out that the majority of people knew that the Earth was round.  Where they disagreed with Columbus was on his math on the distance to the East Indies.  In fact, had Columbus not run across the Americas, his crew and he would have died long before reaching their destination. All these facts and more are found in one of the most illuminating and intriguing articles on the internet: The Wikipedia List of Common Misconceptions.  Inside the article you will discover a multitude of truths including that you actually have far more than five senses, that gold fish can remember for months, and that sugar does not cause hyperactivity.  The topics encompass history, health, sex, animals, and many more.  All these facts are provided with sources of primary research.  So, if you’re skeptical, you can look it up yourself.  It is important in life to question everything you are told.  Do your own research.  We live in a fascinating time period in which scientific literature and data is a few finger swipes away.  If you are ever bored, peruse the list.  You will learn many fascinating things about yourself and the world in which you live.  Most importantly, you can help spread the joy of knowledge to those around you and help create a more knowledgeable world.