Make an informed decision when selecting a contract, custom or toll manufacturer for your products.

Subscribers to the Contract Manufacturing directory have access to features including:

  • The ability to search by Reaction, Capability or Service for over 3,000 Contract Manufacturing Companies
  • Detailed filter information to for Equipment such as Agitator, Aspirator, Blenders, Coolant, Dryers, Distillers, Hydrometers and much more
  • The ability to sort by Scale including: Kilo, Pilot, Ton-Multi Ton, Lab and Nano
  • Search from over 1,016 reaction types including Acetylation, Acidification, Aromitization, Butylation, Ethylation, Grignard Reaction and Reductive Amination and thousands more
  • The ability to search through 219 different types of services including: Analytical & Lab Services with Quality Control Testing, Contract Services for compounding, toll distillation, drug discovery, packaging, Excipients and Drug Formulation, Fine Chemicals, Pre-Clinical Trial Management and much more
  • Locate a contract manufacturer by selecting from 73 countries
  • View detailed company profile information including direct contact details such as name, title, email address and phone number for listed companies
  • Enhanced search capability to find new facilities for dosage form drug contract manufacturing and exclusive synthesis of API’s

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Make an informed decision on a contract or custom manufacturer for your product.


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