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Does ChemicalInfo charge companies to be listed in the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP)?

No, listing is free but a company must provide proof of manufacturing before a listing can be created. Visit our Request to List page to enter your company details and find out if your business qualifies for a free listing. If your company is a distributor or trader of chemicals we offer various advertising solutions in order to be listed. Learn more about advertising now.

Why can’t I print or export my results during my trial?

We disable the printing and exporting feature during product trials in order to protect our information and limit the searches to a maximum of 5. However, paid subscribers are able to download and print and utilize our mass email features as much as they like.


What is the difference between the DWCP and other products and free websites?

There really is no comparison between the DWCP, PathFinder, FinishedForms and ContractMFG and free websites. ChemicalInfo has a dedicated Research Department that verifies and updates the information contained in our databases daily. The Research team Buying a subscription to one of ChemicalInfo’s online tools means subscribers have access to an in-house research team that includes chemists on staff as well as points of contact to help with specific verification and update requests. We are the industry leader as a result of our commitment to excellence and we do not believe that this can be easily replicated. Simply put, you get what you pay for!


How does ChemicalInfo update the information in its databases?

Our Research Department leads the process of updating the databases by conducting due diligence using a variety of sources including trade journals, exhibitions and our network of worldwide agents. Another key tool used for updating our databases is the self-service function named “CPM or Company Profile Management”. CPM allows companies listed in our databases to update their own information. If you would like to view your company listing and ensure that everything is accurate, email us at CISResearch@iqvia.com to receive login details.


Learn more about the verification and listing process we follow to ensure information accuracy by downloading ChemicalInfo’s Anatomy of a Company Profile.


Does ChemicalInfo only list manufacturers in the DWCP?

YES! That said, no directory of this type can be 100% accurate and some non-manufacturing companies can occasionally slip past our research team. In order to emphasize our commitment to maintaining the integrity of our information, we have added a feature that allows you to flag a company that appears to contain inaccurate information. In the event of questionable data, we will do everything we can to provide you with the correct information and ensure it is verified.


You may also send an email to our Profile Development Manager at CISResearch@iqvia.com to ask for further verification concerning a specific company listing or submit a Research Request within the portal by clicking the Research Service & Support link.


May multiple people use the same subscription?

No, subscriptions are purchased on the basis of an individual user license. We do, however, offer discounts depending on the number of additional users that need to be added to an existing account.


May I add a user to my existing subscription at any time?

Absolutely. Please reach out to our Renewal Team to request an additional user seat for your business. We will ensure that the main contact on the account is aware of the addition and pro-rate the price so that the subscription term stays in sync with the existing users on the account.


May I switch a user during my subscription if a user leaves my company?

Absolutely. Please reach out to our Renewal Team to request an update to the existing seat so we can ensure your business is getting the full value of the subscription.


If I find part way through my membership I don’t need as many seats, can I ask for a refund?

Our renewal team will be happy to adjust the number of seats on an account at the time of renewal.


Can I access my subscription by logging into any device with internet access?

Yes, however we do limit the number of devices that a member can use to access their account to 2. We understand that today in business our members may need to access their subscription from a desktop computer at the office and a laptop while traveling on business and that 2 devices typically works well for current subscribers. If there is ever a reason to update your device settings or you have a general question, please reach out to our technical team at techsupport@chemicalinfo.com to learn more about device updates.


Is there a limit to the number of searches I can make?

No, once you are a subscriber you have unlimited search access. However, there is a limit on the number of downloads available to a subscriber but in our history only a handful of members have ever reached the limit.


Is there a way to contact the listed producers of a searched chemical all at once, rather than individually?

Yes, with our Mass Email feature contacting multiple producers is fast and easy. To learn more about this feature contact our team for training at cissales@iqvia.com.


What if I find that the information does not work (i.e. wrong email address or phone number)?

Please let us know immediately! We take the issue of incorrect information very seriously and have added a simple feature in the DWCP that allows you to flag incorrect producer information. This will immediately alert the Research Team to the potential problem, which will be researched as soon as possible. Once the correct information is located, the database will be updated and a member of our team will contact you directly.

Contact a member of our National Sales Team now and see for yourself how ChemicalInfo helps connects buyers and sellers with chemical and pharmaceutical data.