How to Select a Primary Contract Manufacturer

Roadblock preventing you from the finish line on a product? Outsource the heavy lifting by selecting a primary contract manufacturer. Whether you need a specific reaction type, equipment or company – let WCMD (soon to be ContractMFG) be your guide. WCMD (soon to be ContractMFG) allows you to find custom manufacturers by reaction type, scale, equipment or regulatory certification. Containing contact listings for more than 550 reaction types and 2,200 companies in 65 countries, the WCMD puts comprehensive and accurate company information at your fingertips.
  • Searchable by Reaction, Capability or Service
  • Over 1,000 Reaction Types
  • 1,000 companies with Contact Details from over 70 countries
Coming soon to WCMD (soon to be ContractMFG)
  • Filterable by Equipment and Scale
  • More reaction types, services and detailed company profiles
  • Expanded contract manufacturing of dosage form products
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