Identify Users of APIs and Excipients with WBDU (Soon to be Finished Forms)

We all know that when it comes to designing and developing dosage forms, it can be a tall order to say the least. Drugs must be properly formulated for administration to patients, regardless of age.  Moreover, successful development of a formulation includes multiple considerations involving the drug, excipients, compliance, storage, packaging and stability, as well as patient considerations of taste, appearance and palatability. Whew, that’s a mouthful; and as you can imagine, knowing how to streamline this process is imperative for business development and sales professionals. Is your sales success directly dependent on discovering buyers of APIs and excipients? Tap into new leads with WBDU (Soon to be Finished Forms) and unlock users of  APIs and excipients. Search By:
  • Bulk Drug
  • CAS Number
  • Dosage Form Product
  • Company
  • Country
  • Colour Index Number
  • 12,837 Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Excipient and Raw Material Titles
  • 153,141 Finished Form Products
  • 5,200 Companies with Contact Details
Coming soon to WBDU (Soon to be Finished Forms)
  • Increased finished form products, types & ingredients
  • More detailed company profiles featuring contacts across departments
  • Additional filtering capabilities including category, country, dosage form type and certifications
WBDU is the key sales tool for identifying users of APIs and excipients. Let us do the heavy lifting and help streamline your sales pipeline. Contact us today or schedule a demo with one of our experienced Business Development officers.