45 Years
45 Years


    What ChemicalInfo products or services can we provide to help you connect with buyers and sellers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals?*

    Directory of ProducersDirectory of Producers (formerly DWCP) - Find verified global producers with contact details"

    Synthesis PathwaysSynthesis Pathways (formerly PathFinder) - Find sales leads from intermediate user, synthesis path & patent/journal data

    FinishedFormsFinished Forms - Find API and excipient users or search for finished form products

    ContractMFGContractMFG - Find a contract, custom or toll manufacturer

    Advertising -Advertising - Introduce products and connect with thousands of paid subscribers

    Partnerships -Partnerships - Become a ChemicalInfo partner and find opportunities to grow your business

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    “DWCP has been a great tool in my 17-year career in the global chemical industry and my 12-year tenure at Parchem. Time and time again I’ve uncovered new manufacturers using DWCP that has added to my top line and bottom line growth in my business”

    Luigi Magliaro,

    Executive VP, Parachem

    “I like that ChemicalInfo vets its suppliers. Most other sources are packed with distributors and brokers pretending the be manufacturers.”

    Chris Hodge,

    Head of Global Sourcing, Suterra LLC

    Updates made last year alone

    Of our customers have been with us for 15 or more years

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens after I submit the form to request a demo?

    When you request a demo, you will hear back from a ChemicalInfo National Sales Manager within approximately 1-2 business days. The sales manager will verify what you are interested in and schedule your demo at a convenient time for you.

    What will the demo cover

    During your personalized demo, you will: – Learn about ChemicalInfo and its products – See what the interface looks like and how to get started – Get step-by-step demonstration of how to use the product and get the most value from it – Q&A to cover any are of particular interest

    How long will the demo last?

    The sales managers customize the demo to fit your schedule, so you will be scheduled for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much you want to cover and how many questions you have.

    Can I get a sneak peek before my demo?


    Yes. Here is a snapshot of a company profile in the DWCP (Directory of World Chemical Producers).

    It includes:

    – Product Catalog
    – Certifications
    – Location Drawers
    – Import/Export Capability
    – Contacts and More

    We will call you back promptly to review your needs.