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ChemicalInfo is proud to offer waterborne import-export information based on bills of lading filed with U.S. Customs. The trade data is made available through ChemicalInfo’s newest partner, Descartes’ Datamyne cloud-based global trade content and market intelligence solutions. Members are able to search by specific products and make insightful business development and purchasing decisions using trade data from over 200 countries. As a company, ChemicalInfo identified a critical need for subscribers to search by product in order to streamline sourcing processes. With Datamyne, that feature is now available to all members.

“We maintain a very high customer retention rate by consistently listening to our subscribers and quickly responding to their needs,” states Ernie Cote, the company’s CEO. “Working with Descartes is a great example of this. Our customers wanted enhanced trade data matched by chemical specific names instead of by broad HS categories. Descartes’ Datamyne trade content can deliver this. We’re excited to work closely with them this year to meet our customers’ requests.”


ChemicalInfo is partnering with the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) to provide current SOCMA members with SourceFinder, an online chemical services directory. ChemicalInfo reached out to SOCMA to explore ways to work together and provide members of both organizations with better detailed manufacturing information.

SourceFinder is a free interactive online tool that features detailed SOCMA member company information, including producer details, product catalogs, certifications, contact details and custom/contract manufacturing capabilities. Registrants can view information listed within each of ChemicalInfo’s products, including the Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP), PathFinder, FinishedForms and Contract Manufacturing.

“We are excited to partner with SOCMA, an organization that has been around since 1921 and is dedicated to specialty chemical manufacturers, distributors and affiliated service providers,” said ChemicalInfo CEO Ernie Cote. “The decision to create a partnership between ChemicalInfo and SOCMA was easy, and we are proud to offer their members a free online directory using our SourceFinder technology, which leverages ChemicalInfo’s 45 years of experience in gathering detailed global chemical manufacturing data.”


ChemicalInfo has now partnered with  MOLBASE, to integrate MOLBASE Active Field Verified (AFV) Suppliers into the Directory of Chemical Producers (DWCP). The AFV Supplier integration allows ChemicalInfo to continue its mission of connecting buyers and sellers of chemicals and pharmaceuticals with accurate and verified producer information for companies across the globe.

“We are happy to announce a partnership between ChemicalInfo and MOLBASE so that we can introduce new supplier data to our members by leveraging the AFV program that MOLBASE offers within the DWCP. China is a key market in the chemical and pharmaceutical space and we will continue to partner with industry leaders like MOLBASE in order to provide our members looking for verified producers and MOLBASE AFV suppliers with a source to make these connections,” said Ernie Cote, CEO at ChemicalInfo.

Chemspec Events

The fine and specialty chemicals connection. Chemspec Events are the only series of events dedicated specifically to the fine and specialty chemicals market, bringing you the opportunity to connect with major players in the industry from around the world. Chemical Information Services has partnered with Chemspec to provide SourceFinder, an innovative tool that allows you to locate the stand number for producers of specific chemicals exhibiting at a tradeshow. Look for SourceFinder at the next Chemspec event.Chemspec will host 2 events in 2017: Chemspec India April 2017 and Chemspec Europe May 31-June 1 and ChemicalInfo will be providing SourceFinder for free to all show attendees and exhibitors.


ChemicalInfo has now partnered with e-samples, a comprehensive database offering integrated solutions for samples and development product supply chain processes. This partnership will considerably simplify and accelerate the sample ordering process for Directory of World Chemical Producer (DWCP) Subscribers by establishing a direct link to the online ordering platform e-samples. Suppliers listed within the DWCP can activate a sample-button for selected products or chemicals which are available in commercial quantities.CIS Subscribers can click on the sample-button and order samples online without extensive searches on supplier websites. Requests are automatically transferred to the responsible marketing or sales person in the supplier’s sample handling and shipped from the supplier’s organization. This service is free of charge for CIS Subscribers.

“Our purpose as a company is efficiently connecting buyers and sellers of bulk chemicals, so this partnership is ideal,” said ChemicalInfo CEO, Ernie Cote. “e-samples embedded in our services allows our Subscribers to simply click a button to secure samples. It’s brilliantly efficient for our customers and the companies listed in our service.”

To add the e-samples service to your listing and product catalogue by contacting our Research Department by emailing


ChemicalInfo is a proud to offer Rx-360 Preliminary Audit details to all ChemicalInfo subscribers. It is the mission of Rx-360 to promote patient safety by sharing information and developing processes to improve the integrity of the health care supply chain and the quality of materials within the supply chain.

Rx-360 is a nonprofit consortium led by manufacturers and suppliers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who volunteer to enhance the security of pharmaceutical supply chains. Legislators, regulators and other organizations around the world are developing and implementing local measures to ensure quality supply chains and mitigate health concerns that arise from poor supply chain management. The Rx-360 global consortium complements these efforts, striving to achieve a consistently high quality supply chain worldwide.

ChemicalInfo has now integrated hundreds of Rx-360 Scopes of Work into its Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP). This preliminary audit information is used to provide information to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry that these basic chemical, excipient and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers have undergone an Rx-360 audit and that these audit reports are available to meet regulatory expectations. Any ChemicalInfo subscriber can click a direct link to the leaders of the Rx-360 organization to request additional Audit and membership information. With the integration of Rx-360 Scopes of Work, ChemicalInfo has added another level of third-party producer verification that enhances the data and information available within the DWCP.