Find new users of the intermediates you produce and unlock sales potential today.

PathFinder® is a highly effective sales and marketing tool that helps you quickly identify potential users of intermediates by displaying the synthesis path (with structures) for end products requiring the intermediates you produce. The information in PathFinder allows you to grow your business by finding new leads allowing sales and marketing professionals to access contact details for thousands of intermediate buyers using your products. PathFinder also features:
  • Over 12,730 intermediate user companies
  • Over 83,140 synthesis paths
  • Over 70,350 end products
  • Over 28,730 intermediates
  • Patent & Journal information tied to select synthesis paths. This data provides insight on global buyers of intermediates based on the commercial patented reaction.
  • Search by Patent Expiration – This innovative feature is extremely useful to Pharmaceutical companies and procurement departments that need to see what generic drugs will be coming off patents.
Enhance any PathFinder membership with Trade Data powered by Datamyne. Access to global trade data helps businesses:
  • Identify new markets and customers through access to global market trends by country, company and product
  • Streamline sourcing processes with one-click buying and trading information
  • Find better qualified leads through commodity APIs and intermediates shipment volumes
  • Identify commodity pricing baselines, valuable in buying and selling negotiations
  • Improve differentiation of manufacturers versus distributors based on shipping data
  • Enhance forecasting through insights drawn from two years of historical shipping data – updated each month
PathFinder is a must for lead generation for companies selling specialty chemicals & intermediates.

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