Picky Eaters

5.8.14 image “I’ll have the shrimp with angel hair pasta, but please remove the herbs, garlic and add extra shrimp. Oh, and no tomatoes please.” That is what my order typically sounds like every time I go out to eat. I have to modify anything that is on a menu at a restaurant. Under the word picky, you can look in the dictionary and find my picture. Do not ever ask me to share something with me because I will most likely have to have you remove half of the ingredients due to my inevitable issue I will have with the texture, taste or smell. Do you or any of your friends have this same problem? Well, picky eaters, you might just be in luck! Scientists are saying that there might just be a pattern involved in our finicky eating habits. Ever avoided a particular food due to its texture or feel? Well, that might just be your problem. Texture is known to be one of the dimensions of taste. Our bodies look at texture differently than taste; it is viewed as a physical act. Pop a chip into your mouth…you notice the amazing taste on your taste buds, but the crunchiness of the chip is your body noticing a physical action. According to Vera Chan’s article The New Science Behind Picky Eaters, “There’s actually an international standard, ISO 5492, that defines texture as—wait for it—”the mechanical, geometrical and surface attributes of a product perceptible by means of mechanical, tactile and, where appropriate, visual and auditory receptors.” Still, of all of the taste elements, texture remains to be the toughest one to crack. So, until we receive further research on texture it looks like those of us that are picky eaters, are out of luck!