Proof of Manufacturing (POM) Guarantee Q&A Overview

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Does the POM Filter have to be selected in order for the Guarantee to apply?

Yes, the POM Filter must be selected so that a user is only viewing companies that have additional manufacturing certificates on file. We encourage our users to submit feedback using our Research Request form for all companies that are listed, however the POM Guarantee only applies to companies that appear in the filtered POM results.

Does a user have to use the Submit a Research Request form in the portal in order to notify the Research team of a potential non-manufacturer?

Yes, the only way our team can accept feedback on listing criteria is through a notification from our Submit a Research Request form. We must have a log with a time stamp so the 15 day time frame can begin. If a user calls an individual team member or submits a notification via email, our team has been instructed to let users know they must submit the request within the portal.

Does the POM Guarantee apply to specific products on a listing?

No, the POM Guarantee is specifically for a listed company’s manufacturing capability and not product specific manufacturing. We encourage our subscribers to provide feedback at any time regarding product list accuracy for listed companies.

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