CIS Product Enhancement Update, Week 6

Kelli Caperton here with an update on the CIS product enhancement.  As we prepare to launch Phase I of our overhaul, I’m excited to announce that we will be taking a beta version on the road!  I will be part of the CIS Travel Team attending ChemSpec Europe in Budapest, June 18th & 19th  to provide our current members with a glimpse of the new system!  It’s time to come full circle from the blog, videos and updates, and show off our hard work.  If you have plans to attend ChemSpec Europe and are interested in seeing the next generation of CIS products and services, stop by our booth or visit us at a SourceFinder kiosk onsite.  You can also schedule a one on one training session with me by emailing me at Check out our website for more information on our participation in ChemSpec Europe this summer.  I’ll be back in the coming days to announce our official release date! Until then, I’m Kelli and that was this week’s product enhancement update.