Purchasing Professionals, Weigh In

Throughout the marketing and business development process, I  encounter purchasing professionals daily in efforts to get to the decision makers within a chemical company. While attempting to share very valuable information about our products and services, I find it equally as important to inquire about theirs and find out what motivates purchasing behavior.  When making the decision on where and how to source chemicals, what is it that the average purchasing professional is truly looking for and what drives the ultimate decision? As a marketing and business development professional, I can speculate all day long, but at the end of that very long day, I’ve ultimately made my best guess right?  Maybe and then again maybe not. In speaking with a chemical procurement professional this week, I inquired about the important factors in making a purchasing decision.  Among many things, he noted three of the most important: 1.       The Location of the Supplier 2.        Cleanliness of the Product – Dirt to product ratio 3.       Price So often, industry to industry, we are trained to believe that price is the driving factor behind all purchasing decisions, and while it has its importance, it’s not always the frontrunner.  In chemical procurement specifically, it’s paramount to trust the source and count on their ability to serve the prospective clients region.  The Directory of World Chemical Producers is such a valuable tool because it enables your company to do exactly this.  It currently serves as the owner and resident verifier of the information you need in order to make a qualified and incredibly informed purchasing decision.  In addition to robust contact details for over 12,000 chemical producers, the associated technical information about the chemical and company profile, it also lists the company’s certification details. In the future, it ventures to list even more helpful information on the chemical, company and other users recommendations and reviews. Think about it – if your company has sourced from the same suppliers for years and years, how do you know you’re getting the best possible deal?  How can you trust the certifications? Are you positive the chemicals that are listed on their website or company LinkedIn page are actually being manufactured in a measureable quantity?  You can know. You can buy with confidence. Expand your competitive universe.  Be sure about your source!  If you’re not using the DWCP to source, perhaps you should be.  Subscribe, source, sell and save. Check it out.