Release Notes: 2017-02-09

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on February 9th, 2017:

  • Company Management
    • Producers can now upload certification files to their company profile via CPM
    • File types have been limited to:
      • .gif
      • .png
      • .jpg
      • .jpeg
      • .pdf
      • .bmp
      • .docx
      • .doc
      • .ppt
      • .pptx
      • .svg
      • .tif
      • .xls
      • .xlsx
    • Increased the time that an error message stays on the screen when adding things to your company in the wrong way in CPM. It was too short, and people could miss it so the messages now stick around for 30 seconds.
    • Made some more updates for our research team to be able to manage large chemical lists provided by producers. This let’s them spend less time managing lists, and more time helping users find producer information.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where a company might not have a primary location
    • Fixed an issue where updating the expiration date for some ads would throw an error
    • Fixed an issue where NDA numbers stored in the database were causing issues for adding GRAFF data

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