Release Notes: 2017-03-02

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on March 2nd, 2017:

  • Subscriber Options Updated
    • New subscription options for Trade Data and Regulatory data have been added to allow users more flexibility in their subscriptions.
    • DWCP+ is not going to be available moving forward, instead the same functionality can be achieved by having DWCP, Trade Data, and Regulatory Data
    • Trade data, Regulatory Data, and Pathfinder+ data now have new messages if a user does not have access to this data. Hit the big orange button to contact us about getting access.
    • This doesn’t change anything for existing subscribers, but will change the conversation you have with your account contact when renewal comes up.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where finished forms could be added without an ingredient
    • Cleaned up multiple companies that had leading and trailing spaces in their name as this was messing with sorting
    • Fixed a bug with the display of the “submit upgrade request” alert box when users are locked out of the system due to using too many devices.
    • Fixed a bug on the advertisement tools page when a company doesn’t have any ads
    • Fixed the producer “Download” file so it no longer throws an error when you try to open it in excel
  • Usability Updates
    • Added messages for users when they reach their account limits (e.g. devices, downloads, etc…) that says why the user can’t use the system, says how to fix it, and provides information to contact us if the user needs help.
    • Multiple fixes, and usability changes to the sorting drop down used throughout the site
    • Changed the user page to show the display names of subscriptions instead of the internal shorthand name we use
  • Trade Data
    • Updated Trade Data based on a latest information from Datamyne

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