Release Notes: 2017-03-16

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on March 16th, 2017.

We found that some users didn’t know that the system still had the function to create emails to all companies listed on the page. Some users also didn’t know that the print and download buttons gave them not just the company names shown on the screen, but also all of the contact information. So we made the following changes to the layout when looking at lists of companies:

  • Moved the three action buttons to the left of the company list and renamed them like so:
    • “Download” became “Download Contacts as an Excel File”
    • “Print” became “Download Contacts as a PDF File”
    • “Mail”became “Email Contacts from Listed Companies”
  • Layout Tweaks
    • Collapsed all filters by default to save some space
      • If you “open” a filter it will stay open from page to page. So the ones you use most often will stay open.
    • Moved the “Sort By” field above the filters
    • Made some other color/layout tweaks to make the page easier to scan

This should make the page easier to use, but let us know if you are having any issues with these changes by emailing us at

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