Release Notes: 2017-04-06

Here are the notes related to the portal update released on April 6th, 2017:

  • Email Verification Process Updates
    • We just updated our process for validating contact emails associated to companies in the system so that we can validate large numbers of emails with more frequency.
    • This will help save our research team some time with general data administration, and give them more time to help find our subscribers more producers for more chemicals.
    • This change also involved changing the way we store emails in the database  and allows us to be more flexible with emails in the future. For example we may decide we want to be able to add multiple email addresses to a contact, company or location. This change to how we store emails will make that much easier to build.
  • Bug Fixes
    • We fixed an issue with the management of the types of documents that could be added to companies
    • There was a possible issue where two users could have the same user name. This has been fixed.
    • Some companies could add a location to a country, but then wouldn’t be able to edit that location due to the country not having a state or province associated to it. State/province was required, but no option was available to enter. This has been fixed.

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