See what it takes to be the global leader in chemical data as we breakdown the process our Research team uses to update information in The Anatomy of a Profile.

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Our Research team is responsible for maintaining listed company information and verifying the accuracy of listed companies to ensure they are true producers with proof of  manufacturing capabilities. In addition to overseeing data accuracy, the Research team also provides service and support to all members.  This feature is included in every membership at any level. This means subscribers have access to our in-house team of research staff and chemists that specialize in organic/inorganic chemistry related fields.   Members may submit Research Requests and ask for additional information for listed companies by clicking the Submit A Research Request button found on every profile page and filling out the form. Common Research Requests include:
  • Specific Subscriber requests for additional contacts across departments
  • Specific Subscriber requests to update incorrect synthesis
  • Specific Subscriber requests for finding missing or additional patent details
  • Specific Subscriber requests for missing CAS Numbers
  • Specific Subscriber requests for finding missing/additional producers of end products/drugs
  • Specific Subscriber requests for finding potential intermediate/chemical users
  • Specific Subscriber requests for finding additional types of equipment used, services provided or reactions performed
  • Specific Subscriber requests for additional verification of manufacturers production capabilities

“Thank you to the ChemicalInfo Research Team – your support and the DWCP are helpful for our daily work!” Klaus Fink, Purchasing Manager, Haenseler AG ~ Current Customer

“I like that ChemicalInfo vets its suppliers. Most other sources are packed with distributors and brokers pretending to be manufacturers.” Chris Hodge, Head of Global Sourcing, Suterra LLC

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