Ringing in the New Year with PIERS on the Product Side

As many of you know, ChemicalInfo has always provided you with powerful producer information you can trust. Over the last few months, you’ve heard a mouthful about PIERS, The Standard in Trade Intelligence. This Import and Export data integration has provided subscribers with insight to manufacturers’ bulk shipments of chemical products and pharmaceuticals around the world. Well, drum roll please… PIERS just became even more comprehensive, now extending Import and Export data that is searchable by product. So, what does this mean for your business? If you source raw material and pharmaceuticals, import and export data can make you more efficient by helping you:
  • Monitor global trade activity with a complete picture of what commodities are produced, used and sold by regions. This is influential for determining the best price and regions to source from.
  • Make fast and insightful purchasing decisions by providing cost baselines, that are valuable in buying negotiations.
  • Improve differentiation between Manufacturers and Distributors based on Import & Export activity of each supplier.
If you’re in Sales & Marketing then it’s probably your job to find new customers. Well great news; import and export data will help improve your daily activities by:
  • Defining saturated and vacant markets for business growth. This knowledge helps streamline your decision making by verifying company growth initiatives before investments are made.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by keeping up with your competitors in order to tailor your business decisions.
  • Qualifying your leads by providing insightful information into suppliers’ product pricing and volumes. These purchasing patterns allow you to prioritize leads, in addition to preparing for more powerful price negotiations.
As Ernie Cote, ChemicalInfo Chief Executive Officer, said “The business intelligence tools created by PIERS allows us to identify trends in the chemical industry based on the companies and specific commodities being shipped around the world, and apply that knowledge to our decision making.” As many of you know, ChemicalInfo’s services have always been designed to make you more effective and efficient in your sourcing and selling activities. Now, more than ever, PIERS allows us enhance that knowledge by providing trade activity on top-searched products. About PIERS PIERS is the most comprehensive database of U.S. waterborne trade activity in the world providing information services to thousands of subscribers globally. Launched more than 35 years ago, PIERS was the first venture in digital global trade intelligence and quickly became the industry standard for accuracy, reliability and insight. Our unique infrastructure and proprietary technology allow us to not only publish import data, but also complete coverage of U.S. export transactional data. PIERS is a division of JOC Group Inc., and a sister company of The Journal of Commerce.  For more information about customized solutions from PIERS, visit www.piers.com.