Seconds to the Top

Did you know that in a given month there are over 1.4 million companies searched within ChemicalInfo?  If one of our Subscribers were to read them all, it would take 58 days!  So if you’re one of our 12,000 listed companies, how do you stand out in those searches and gain more leads from ChemicalInfo subscribers?  Well, you’re in luck; we’re making it easier! We’re all familiar with the power of a first spot ranking from Google (but just in case, a top spot in Google results receives 33% of the search traffic for a keyword or phrase, compared with 18% for the second position, according to a recent report by Chitika Insights).  And if you’re not even on the first page, as Tony Soprano would say…before he beat you, “Forget-about-it!”  Traffic from users drops 27% on page two, to 11.3% on page three and a mere 5.4% on page four. How do we help you get that top ranking among those potential customers within the 1.4M searches each month?  As they say in the search marketing world, Content is King. Come early August, we will be launching our new database, which will have many enhancements making it easier to navigate a search, the ability to help you rise to the top of that search through your content, as well as the future implementation of PIERS merging their import/export data.  CIS never has had so much to offer and we want to help make you the focus.  Not only will you have the ability to update your own profile, however, we can assist you in becoming further verified.  Like Google, the more information you have and the more we are able to assist you in verifying this information, the more you will be rewarded through a higher ranking within the database.  So how can you get started completing your profile and become noticed?  Contact me today; it will only take me seconds to get you to the top! Deina McNabb Office: 214-432-2156