Show Season Here We Come

With Informex now under our belt, we are excited to finally announce that ChemicalInfo will be attending ChemSpec India next month. Similar to all ChemSpec events, our team will be running the SourceFinder kiosks around the exhibit, helping to assist you in your show success. You won’t be able to miss us by the 10 feet banners, so be sure to stop by and say hello. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for your free SourceFinder login prior to the event! With it being ChemicalInfo’s first time to Mumbai, we have been encountering many new obstacles in our preparation. I thought this was a great opportunity to continue discussions from October, and speak about how our tradeshow preparation shifts for different events. Below are a few habits to incorporate in your preparation. Time to rise: Our team underestimated the work that went into preparing for ChemSpec India. Between receiving our tourist visas to obtaining the proper shots, the process requires you to start early. A few websites I recommend to look at no matter where you are traveling are the local center for disease control website, and your local State Department website to see what requirements are in need for your upcoming travel.  I know this is difficult to do in the midst of show season, but these steps are critical. Practice makes perfect: Walk through every moving part of your show, from your 1-minute sales pitch to your exhibitor display. It is a no brainer to walk through the set up and break down of your exhibit, but you realize how beneficial this becomes when packing all of your necessary tools and moving parts. Additionally, a show is a time to sell your product, your company and yourself. Since you never know who and where you will run into your next customer, make sure everyone on your travel team feels comfortable talking about your company’s products, services and values. Watch what you pack: We discussed last October how crucial it is to stay organized in the midst of your packing and labeling frenzy. Although this is a ritual our Marketing team ensures we do not skip, we learned that we need to take our organization a step further. Countries have different customs specifications, and India has proved to be no different. When packing and preparing for this trip, be sure to watch what you pack and record each item packed. We enlisted the help of a freight agent for this long trip (over 8,000 miles!) to ensure we didn’t encounter any hick up’s in getting our materials to the tradeshow. No matter your strategy, I always recommend starting early and staying organized to be set up for success! It’s not all fun and games: I can speak for nearly my entire team when I say that India will be a new country and culture I experience. This is of my favorite things about my job, however it’s important to become familiar with cultural differences. We are lucky enough to have one of our very own as an Indian native and he has significantly helped us through our preparation process. One great thing he did for the travel team was spending time to communicate cultural differences between our norms. His conversation touched on everything from food to business practices to wardrobe.  This was such a huge value to our team, and I highly recommend taking some time to familiarize yourself with the location and culture in order to be prepared. Not only will this better prepare you for travel, but it will ensure you’re successful conducting business abroad. Best of luck in your show season preparation, and I hope to meet many of you in Mumbai! Please reach out to our travel team through if you can any questions regarding SourceFinder or our travel tips.