Splish, Splash into Summer!

Contributor: Kinnar Patel With summertime in effect, grills are being pulled out of garages and pools are getting cleaned all in preparation for family & friend Pool Parties! Considering all the planning that has to be done for catering and supplying floaties for the kids, we can’t forget about the lawn that everyone will see. Summer is the hardest season to try and maintain your GREEN lawn from all the different insects that try to kill your grass. Insects can leave your lawn looking like a plague of grubs just stopped by for a mid-night snack. There are various insecticides that can be purchased from your local market or hardware store, which will help to fight against these little vicious but still needed insects. In recent years, news channels have reported on fire ants and the waves of invasion they have made on residents in Texas. Fire ants are known to populate the southern region of the U.S. by dominating residential lawns; these insects can be controlled with Chipco® Choice granules manufactured by Bayer. This insecticide contains active ingredient Fipronil (CAS 120068-37-3). Fipronil disrupts the insect’s central nervous system, acting as a poison to slowly kill the insect. There are other insecticides available on the market like Dylox® 420 SL and CoreTectTM that are also manufactured by Bayer. Dylox® 420 SL contains active ingredient Trichlorfon, also known as Metrifonate (CAS 52-68-6). Dylox® can be used on landscape flowers, shrubs and trees to control your insect problem above and below the soil surface. CoreTectTM, can be used when planting shrubs or trees in your yard to enhance your landscape. Active ingredient Imidacloprid (CAS 138261-41-3) helps to protect against insects and also acts as a fertilizer to promote stronger, healthier and environmentally stress-resistant plants. With these insecticides you can plant award-winning rose bushes that will have your neighbors envious! Once you have won first prize on your block for having the best looking yard, the next step in outdoor preparation is the pool; the key part in having fun this summer. When maintaining your pool this summer it is very important to be safe when handling the chemicals used that keep your pool clean. Oxone®, used in swimming pools, keeps your water clear while it acts as an oxidizing agent. Potassium peroxymonosulfate (CAS 70693-62-8), which is the active ingredient in Oxone® trademarked by Dupont can also be purchased under the tradename Caroat® marketed by Evonik. Both Oxone® and Caroat® are chlorine-free oxidizers, which lessen the usage of chlorine in your swimming pools. Less chlorine in pool water reduces eye, nose and skin irritation allowing you and your family to have more fun in the sun. Pool maintenance is very important, the use of chlorine; which kills bacteria, algae and microorganisms; is critical. Kem-TekTM Pool & Spa Care Power 99 3” Chlorinating Tablets is a great product to use and it is safe for swimming. Kem-TekTM contains active ingredient “Trichlor” (or Trichloro-s-triazinetrione) (CAS 87-90-1). To ensure that the chlorine tablets you put in your pool are effective, maintaining your pH level is necessary. After updating your pool’s maintenance, don’t forget to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your guests. Summer will officially begin June 21st and you want to make sure you are ready for “Fun in the Sun”. Be proactive and start working on your lawn and pool in preparation for your guests. Kinnar Patel and I, here at ChemicalInfo, have already begun sending out our Pool Party invites asking friends and family to come and make a SPLASH, to kick off the beginning of summer! Trade names Coming Soon to the DWCP! Trade names like Chipco-Choice (CAS 120068-37-3) will be added to better help you search for producers listed in the DWCP. If your company trademarks your products and you would like to see them added, please contact ChemicalInfo today!