Is Your Business Considering Purchasing a Chemical Sourcing and Sales Tool in 2016? Here Is What You Need to Know First

As the end of 2015 is rapidly approaching many procurement and sales & marketing professionals are creating budgets for 2016. We all know the process, you analyze where your best business came from earlier in the year and evaluate the ROI for the processes and tools you currently have in place.

This leads to a discussion of where to put your company dollars in 2016. For many companies it’s time to decide if the business is ready for a chemical sourcing and sales tool. Picking the right database can be stressful and often brings up a lot of questions. After all, there are many options on the market, and you want to make the right decision for your business.

Industry intelligence comes with a price tag, and choosing the wrong solution could be costly. This white paper was written to help you ask the right questions before you buy, so you can select the chemical sourcing and sales tool that suits your needs.

We hope you find the information useful and if you have any questions for us please reach out to our team at

Download the White Paper Now: Purchasing a Chemical Sourcing and Sales Tool: What You Need to Know First

ChemicalInfo Travels Chemspec Europe 2015

ChemicalInfo Travels Chemspec Europe 2015

ChemicalInfo will again provide its SourceFinder tool to Exhibitors and Attendees making show event planning efficient

The ChemicalInfo (CIS) team is scheduled to attend Chemspec Europe, the fine and specialty chemicals connection, June 24 – 25. The Chemical Info team will showcase The Directory of World Producers (DWCP) and PathFinder, online tools designed to identify and qualify producers of specialty chemicals and bulk pharmaceuticals and the potential intermediate users of chemicals.

In conjunction with the exhibit, ChemicalInfo will offer SourceFinder to help attendees navigate through the show. Organizers have partnered with Chemical Information Services (CIS) to create the Chemspec SourceFinder. This helpful tool will enable all visitors to get the most out of the event, by helping them to find the products and services that they are looking for and to create a plan around the event of the exhibition that are relevant to their needs.

ChemicalInfo will also offer its Limited Access Membership, customized for attendees at Chemspec. The Limited Access includes a 30-day membership to the full suite of CIS online services showcasing those companies exhibiting at Chemspec Europe. That’s access to Chemspec exhibitors including their full product catalog, contact details, certification information, import/export data on their company and products and contract/custom manufacturing details.

“Unique product offerings like SourceFinder for Chemspec Europe are exactly the type of thing our NextGen platform allows us to deliver to our members and prospective clients,” said ChemicalInfo CEO, Ernie Cote. “It’s partnering with Chemspec and PIERS on import/export data and other vendors to satisfy the expanding needs and wants of our member base that make our services invaluable and raise the bar for online tools in our industry. It’s such an exciting time to attend this show and showcase our data and products.”

Attendees and exhibitors are encouraged to stop by Booth F40A for a live demonstration and learn more about SourceFinder and Limited Access Membership. Our National Sales Managers will be onsite for questions and concerns.

Sulfuric Acid: A Short Story

The rain drops fall like fire, licking the outside of the floating bio dome, our tiny island of refuge in hell.  It couldn’t be done they said.  The valuable tool that humans have used since the dawn of time was now a challenge to sustaining the colony on this hellish planet.  The ancient Sumerians were the first to document its properties, Dioscorides, a Greek physician, and the Roman naturalist improved our knowledge through researching the chemical.  Oil of Vitriol they once called it, cruel and bitter.  Very fitting, referring to the Venusian rain in such a way was a fantastic understatement.  The Borderlander miners on Neptune got all the luck with their stunning diamond rain.  Here though, mere seconds in the heat and acid would mean a certain agonizing end.  However, we adapted.  We had to.  Where the sulfuric acid rain had once caused severe thermal and hydrolytic burns to human tissues, we have now harnessed its power and use the unlimited resource to help sustain our gadolinium mining colony. The sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor in the upper atmosphere are agitated by the intense solar radiation which bathes this spherical inferno.  As the photo-radiation forms sulfuric acid, it gains density and begins plummeting towards the seething, super-heated ground below.  As it heats up descending towards the ground, due to runaway greenhouse effects, the acid becomes more and more concentrated as heat boils water away. Much like back home on Earth a sixty percent majority of our captured sulfuric acid supply is used in the production of superphosphates, ammonium sulfate, and ammonium phosphate.   These high quality fertilizers can be used to keep our hydroponic system optimally producing food and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.  In a clutch they can also double as explosive materials. Still more, about twenty percent, of sulfuric acid is used in production of various things we need to efficiently run the colony.  Water treatment chemicals, detergents, drain cleaners, pharmaceuticals, dye materials, insecticides, and chemical catalysts to name just a few.  The remainder is used in the production of lubricants, batteries, paints, fabrics, and paper.  Almost everything we make here needs sulfuric acid to be produced effectively and efficiently.  Without this deadly rain from the Venusian sky, our colony would not be viable.  Just like the clouds outside, and on earth itself, this dangerous and industrially ubiquitous chemical is necessary for our sustained smooth survival.

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