What does the DWCP have to do with The Brady Bunch?

brady-bunchSometimes I feel like Jan Brady, but instead of hearing about ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’, I hear about ‘Email, Email, Email’ (to those unfamiliar with the early 70s show The Brady Bunch, just ignore the reference, you haven’t missed much, I promise). Here’s the point: Our Subscribers enjoy information that is difficult to find all in one spot, for example, product lists, certifications and import/export data and contact information, specifically, current and accurate email addresses. And I get it. The DWCP helps a User find a verified producer of hard-to-find specialty chemical, with the right certifications, with the right production capacity, in the right part of the world…only to see the contact as sales@company.com or worse, be provided a specific email address that bounces back. Wah-waaaaah. We hear you and here’s what we’re doing about it:
  1. We regularly extract all emails in the DWCP
  2. We regularly crawl the sites of the companies listed in the DWCP We take ALL those emails and just dump in the DWCP, right? Wrong!
  3. All current and new addresses are run through an email validation program
  4. Then each valid email is manually verified by our research staff who confirm the email is relevant and appropriate to be in the DWCP.
How’s this working? In October, 6,784 email addresses were reviewed. Just 2,138 were validated as correct and appropriate contacts. Now, how do I end this blog with a clever reference to The Brady Bunch? I suppose you could say that like Alice we are cleaning up our emails and data.