Would you give up yoga pants to save the sea?

In a recent article published by Chem.Info it shared that a recent study conducted by a team from the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium has seen that tiny microfibers have been flowing down bathroom sinks and shower drains and into our oceans. Comfy articles of clothing made from fleece, nylon and polyester contain these tiny microfibers and each time those pieces of clothing are washed, once the water drains it is carried through our water systems and many times end up in the oceanyoga pants

I am the first to admit, I love my athletic wear, especially my yoga pants even though I haven’t been to a yoga class in years and am not the most athletic person. On any given day if you were to show up to my house I can say with 99% certainty that I would be sporting a beloved pair of yoga-riffic pants. The study shows that everything from our oceans to the Great Lakes contain high concentrations of these deadly plastic microfibers and that marine life is becoming contaminated as well meaning that when we all eat the seafood we enjoy so much you are basically eating tiny bites of athletic wear, ugh.

University of Florida researcher, Maia McGuire hopes that with more data and studies conducted into the increasing problem of plastics and chemicals invading our water supply that manufacturers of washing machines and water treatment plants will be able to improve water purifying technology to protect marine life.

An article published in early 2017 by Quartz Media found that in 2016 sportswear revenue grew by almost 7% dominating the clothing industry once again. With total global sales for all apparel and footwear reaching $1.67 trillion in 2016 the literal trillion dollar question is, “Will you give up your yoga pants to save our oceans?”.

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  1. Chemicals are highly used now and they can be found in the most unexpected places. Who could ever think that there is a link between yoga pants and water pollution?

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